Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Blog

Well here it goes...

This is my first post! I have read several blogs and wanted to start my own! :) I have come across a few challenges with creating my page so if you have any suggestions for me, I'd gladly accept them!

My name is Christine and I'm married to a wonderful man referred to by me as Ernie, but his family refers to him as Billy, he is the same person! We met at Kroger where I worked part time and he worked in the meat market. We knew instantly on our first date that we would be together forever!

We were engaged 5 months after we met on April 7, 2008 which is a special date for Ernie, his Nana's birthday, and he proposed with his Nana's ring, very special! I still wear it as a right hand ring today. :) I never met Nana but I really wish she was still alive today.

We got married on September 19, 2009

8 months later...........

The birth of our beautiful nephew, Landen Lee Baxter on May 27, 2010!!!

More to come later....

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