Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Friday!!!

Well it's now Friday night... but today was a fabulous day, as always!! And a pay day! :) Love those too! On Fridays I have been wearing my hair straight, I seem to miss those days... but it is really more convenient to wear my hair curly. Hmmm.... do you really "wear" hair? Well I do! LOL But no, I don't have a wig.... :) I absolutely LOVE my new branch (somewhat new in comparsion - since December!) I was really stuck in a situation and I didn't know how to get out but my guardian angel came by and offered me a position at another location and I grabbed it! I haven't been so excited to go to work in... well I can't remember when! But oh my do I have some major pet peeves when it comes to members & doing transactions and I'm going to share them!

  1. Don't walk up to my window and ask me "am I open" when there are 3 other people also "open"!! I just might have private information out about another member and unless you would like for me to share you information, don't be rude and assume I'm going to drop everything for you!

  2. Don't get in line until you are ready! Most of the time people are scrambling for that check they were going to deposit or want cash but can't find their ID... You should know it's a requirement to take cash out of your account!

  3. No you are not the exception to the rule!

  4. Don't get mad at me because you don't know how to manage your money... I didn't force you to swipe your card when you didn't have any money. Keep a ledger or close your account!

  5. Don't hover over my station, I don't want to smell your sweaty pits or smelly breath! Keep it on your side, please! Because that lingers after you are gone...
Ok I just had to let those few pet peeves out... Sorry if I offend you! Dinner is ready... gotta go!

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  1. I guess I can't figure out how to do "paragraphs"! So I'm sorry it's all ran together...